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  • Ostroukhov Vladimir Ivanovich, founder, Chairman of the Board of Directors of OAO (OJSC) Commercial Bank “ForBank” 1992-2014
  • Makulov Andrey Ivanovich, shareholder, Chairman of the Managing Board of OAO Commercial Bank “ForBank” 1994-2014
  • Ostroukhov Andrey Vladimirovich, shareholder, Deputy Chairman of the Managing Board of OAO Commercial Bank “ForBank” 2009-2014


From its foundation in 1992 to the moment as the controlling interest of OAO Commercial Bank “ForBank” was sold to a strategic investor in 2014, the primary activity of FORUM CAPITAL GROUP was the banking business. Together with the banking business, the company was also developing investment in commercial real estate, business assets and construction in the Siberian Federal District.


Our vast bank experience and conservative investment policy let us successfully find investment projects and manage risks in project implementation.


Our wide business connections and constant work on finding investment projects are the primary sources of interesting investment offers.


The group of companies currently focuses its development strategies on investment in real estate, agricultural processing, and pharmaceutical industry of the Altai Krai and the Siberian Federal District.